Sugar Dribble Cafe Ooty

Have you ever been to a place where you cannot stop thinking about the food you had there? This is it. It’s the Sugar dribble cafe at Ooty.

I have been to a lot of cafes around but haven’t come across anything like Sugar dribble in a long time.

So me and my friends visited this cafe when we were in Ooty. We woke up in Ooty and for breakfast, we were not sure where we would go so, we decided to look for a place on Zomato https://www.zomato.com/ooty/sugar-dribble-thalayathimund and headed out for brunch. We were all famished and just wanted to reach this place and order our food.

This cafe is located in a secluded alley and is a very cozy and tiny place with 3 to 4 tables on the outside but with the one wall that stands there, it is completely decorated with artistic wall hangings and wall paintings with the combination of turquoise blue wall and white chairs the place looks just amazing.

We started looking at their menu and one by one ordered what we wanted to eat, even though some of the dishes I had ordered from the leafy bar were unavailable it took time for me to decide on a next dish. Once, the order was placed within no time we started getting our dishes.

We started off with one of the orders my friends had placed which was the cheesy fries.

Sugar dribble Spicy cheesy fries
Peri Peri cheesy fries

Covered in mustardy-looking melted cheese with deep-fried crispy potatoes covered in peri peri mix. I’ve literally started drooling all over just thinking about how it tasted. I have not eaten anything like this I tried to compare it with the best cheese fries I’ve eaten so far but nothing could match this one. When you see a picture of a dish and remember how it tastes then consider it like meeting your soulmate. It was so delicious and we had to order another round.

While we were still onto cleaning our plates which were filled with yummy fries, we were served with our next order. 

Sugar dribble Chicken Loaded Nachos
Chicken loaded Nachos

Chicken-loaded nachos: Wow! I’m salivating just thinking about how they tasted. Every bite was so delicious that you could almost feel those flavors. Sugar dribble had started winning our hearts just in those 2 dishes and our expectations went up too high that we started expecting more and more from them.

Our next few dishes arrived all at once and I must say they did not make us wait for a long time even with so many orders that we had placed.

Sugar dribble Alfredo Pasta
Alfredo Pasta

Alfredo Pasta: Top notch! This was so creamy that it just melts right in your mouth leaving a creamy flavour of cheese sauce. It most definitely topped the pasta I Had at Truffles. It should have been served with garlic breads but then we were so lost in the taste of it that it didn’t matter that much.

Sugar dribble Chicken steak with Bbq sauce
Chicken florentine with cauliflower puree, roasted carmelised Vegetables (BBQ sauce)

Grilled chicken and beef steak: We were in food coma right after this! The chicken was well cooked soaked in barbecue sauce with some vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. The barbecue sauce is what made this dish so memorable that I can taste it through an image. It was an authentic sauce made with minimal spice but the beef steak that my friend had ordered was a bit uncooked it felt like the meat should’ve been cooked a little more other than that it was an amazing dish to eat at brunch.

Bbq pulled chicken burger
Barbeque pulled chicken burger

Barbeque pulled chicken burger: King of all the dishes we ordered!!! This was one of my friend’s orders and I was almost full with the steak that I had ordered. When I tasted the burger I forgot that I was almost full, It felt the satisfactory. It felt like having something for the first time after being hungry for 2 straight days. The barbecue sauce that covered the chicken patty and the burger buns were so soft that it breaks down when you take that first bite. As my friends say this is the best burger they’ve had so far.

Sugar Dribble Aglio Olio pasta
Aglio Olio Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta: I have my friend explaining about the entire procedure of how its made! 🤫 But, yes by the taste of it, it definitely tasted healthy. She seemed to enjoy this a lot but if you ask me it tasted good but not as good as the Alfredo pasta we had earlier. Out of all the dishes I would say I rate this an eight where I would rate the other dishes 15 out of 10.

Sugar dribble Chicken tikka sandwich
Barbeque beef sandwich

Barbeque Beef Sandwich: Since when did my friends not have a sandwich like this? I wonder when was the last time they had eaten a sandwich that was this tasty. It looked delicious and it tasted much more delicious than it looked according to them I wish I tasted this but I don’t eat Beef!. -_-

After all the amazing and delicious Food we had, we had to taste how their desserts were like. We couldn’t stop but wonder about how tasty those were gonna be. So we ordered hot chocolate with a piece of blueberry cheesecake and Nutella cheesecake each and OMG! I can even hear Janice going crazy over it. It had minimal sweetness, perfect texture and perfect creaminess to it and with the right flavours it concluded our entire day. We did not get over this place for sometime with what we had just experienced. There was a non stop party happening in our stomach.

Blueberry and Nutella Cheescake
Blueberry Cheesecake, Nutella cheesecake and Hot chocolate

We have a small piece of our heart left back in Ooty only Just for them. I’m glad we visited this place and made such good Memories with friends and food. 

Sugar dribble Nutella cheesecake
Nutella cheesecake
Sugar dribble Choco hazelnut cake
Choco Hazelnut Cake
Chocolate eclair
Caramel eclair

A huge Shout out to Sugar Dribble for helping us out with this cake when everything else was closed In Ooty. As we know due to lockdown everything closes by nine and we completely forgot about not having a cake for a friend’s birthday but they came to the rescue and handed us the Choco Hazelnut cake which was the only available one in pieces. We were happy with what we got and had a cake for the night.

A big thanks to the staff for such warm hospitality and to the people who own this place – You are just as sweet as your hot chocolate! 😉

There is much more to eat and appreciate at this cafe.

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If you ever visit Ooty I personally recommend for you to try this cafe and have a heart-to-heart connection with food.🤗

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  1. Hey Sahera
    The food pictures you have uploaded look too yumm!!
    And I think every food lover who visits Ooty must visit this cafe at least once to have that heart-to-heart connection😉


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