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Here are 35 tips on How to pack Faster, Lighter and smarter.

Everybody loves traveling, but the hassle we go through right before those very planned trips is packing. I know some may like it and some may not but let’s agree that it always gets out of control, and you ought to miss out on one or the other things for that journey of yours.

It doesn’t matter how experienced or how new you are into this; what matters is getting things right and not repeating the same type of mistakes over and over again.

I would love to help you out by giving you some tips on this topic, even though I’ve recently started traveling, Its always a good option to share your opinions as it might help out someone who’s in your situation and might help them save some time, and become a better traveler.

Here are some of my travel tips for you.

1. Deciding on Backpacks / Suitcases

Deciding a suitcase

It’s the most basic and mandated necessity for every traveler, but what makes it harder is deciding what size would be the right one because you don’t want to be the one carrying those heavy backpacks around and make your visit a two-person job.

A bagpack is a suitable choice if you’re going for a one-day trek or a hike, and make sure it’s not too heavy for your shoulders.

It isn’t easy to decide what suitcase is ideal when it comes to a two-day trip or more. We often make a mistake in choosing sizes and carry that extra luggage with us, which would be of no use. I prefer a medium-size suitcase with a 25-27 in or a cabin suitcase of 21-22 inches; this might be handy when traveling through flights and not having to go through a baggage hassle. Otherwise, prefer a 28-32in the large suitcase if you decide to go for a vacation for more than 3 or 4 days. If you are off to an extended holiday, check the travel restrictions for baggage on airline sites.

2. Having a to-do list.

We often travel without any preparations but having a to-do list can help you save a lot of time while you travel as you will know what you’re about to do next and not miss out on those important activities or things you wanted to get done on that trip. Try also to make a checklist of those items you’re looking to pack, and that way, you’re not missing out on those last-minute packings as well. 

3. Plan your Packing light and right.

Yes, it’s vital to pack light; you don’t want your vacation to seem tiring just because of your baggage. It’s alright not to pack as many clothes as you intended to, but you don’t want to miss out on your gadgets and other essentials in that bag of yours. There are different ways for you to pack your bags, and it all depends on the days and seasons your planning your trip on. Choose the right bags and try to fit in those items in an organized manner.

4. Cheaper booking deals

We all need a free ticket to fly, or even a free stay, don’t we? Haha, but that doesn’t happen. We all want to save the money we spend on our stays or transportation, but that happens in rare cases. Try to reserve those bookings a month ahead or much earlier if you know you would be traveling. You can save a lot of money that way, and for the stays, try booking those deals where you can put your credit card down and if you’re looking to cancel it any time, do it before they charge you a cancellation fee. 

5. Compare your bookings

When you book a flight or a stay, try to compare those prices and see the difference by yourself. That way, you would know how to save those extra bucks on your bookings. Also, this way you might come across some good offers and discounts too.

6. Get Vaccinated

Not everyone is immune to a different weather type, food, or unhealthy environment. A lot of people try to take a risk, and that’s not always safe. Ensure you get a proper vaccination done while traveling, and make sure you’re getting it within the days you have to before traveling.

7. No fee debit and credit cards.

Some might be aware of this situation, but not all. Try to use those bank cards that do not charge you additional charges for every transaction you do internationally, though it’s not a huge amount; imagine those transactions you do more than ten times, and they add up. Make sure you call your respective banks and have them changed, or you can always rely digitally upon internet banking and have those setting changed in order for you to save those extra dollars for a souvenir to take back.

8. Basic needs in smaller size and Quantity

We can never forget these essentials during packing, but we don’t consider how much space they take up while packing. Try using all the essentials in travel size quantity, including your toiletries, and use a mini kit to separate it from the rest of your items.

Travel toiletries

9. Hard Cash

Let’s not always rely on debit/credit cards or even a digital payment method when you’re traveling. Have some of the country currency with you in the form of hard cash as you would for once face the situation where you wouldn’t find any options but to pay them through cash. Having cash has helped me get through those street shopping’s when my card or an online payment doesn’t work. You would see most of the markets accepting cash.

10. An extra Bag

Have an extra empty bag packed with your items for those dirty laundries you might have. It’s always good to have an extra bag in any emergency cases or even for those dirty shoes you don’t want to mix up with your other stuff.

11. Seasons to Travel

Always choose an appropriate season, depending on the destination you’re planning. Your research plays an important role when you travel, so plan before visiting those destinations at the wrong season. You might get exhausted, and you might not feel like exploring what you had planned for just because of a too hot or too cold climate at an unusual time.

12. Get a water bottle

I would prefer this no matter where I go. You can save a lot of money on the water, plus you make your little contribution towards a plastic-free environment. Carrying a steel or copper water bottle is always a healthy and the best option. You can refill it with tap water, and when you’re at a restaurant, request a refill.

13. Save on Transportation

Try to communicate a little bit with the citizens or do your research on which transport would be feasible and cheap when you are in the city, saving you some money. Boarding a shared cab, taxi, or hiring a scooter for a day might help you in these cases.

14. Flashlights and maps

Don’t you think we completely reply on gadgets these days? Sadly that’s the truth, and we don’t even think twice if we would need a backup just in case. But I suggest you make someplace for an extra flashlight and a map as you never know, your phone’s battery might die, or no proper network coverage; let’s just be prepared for any disaster that might come your way.

15. Pack a towel

Try carrying a personal towel as you never know when you are outdoors or at a beach. You might need it and prefer a smaller size that fits your bag and does not take up much space.

16. Weigh your backpack

Always do this when you travel by flight as there are certain restrictions to your baggage items and how much it weighs. Do your research as you don’t want any of your items to be kept at the airport due to this reason.

17. Carry a Jacket

Carry that extra overcoat with you, and don’t completely rely on the weather. In some places, nights do get chilly, and it’s always safe not to ruin those nights in extremely cold weather. And that extra jacket doesn’t necessarily have to be packed; try just casually to carry it around your hand or waist; that way, you save that extra space in your suitcase.

18. Get to know the culture

It’s always good to do a little bit of research about a place you are about to visit. Every culture differs, but people are always extra welcoming if you know the do’s and don’t.

19. Pack a pair of slippers or shoes

Your trips often get adventurous try to carry that extra pair of shoes or slippers to avoid walking barefoot or in the current muddy shoes.

20. First aid kit

Try always to include this while packing as it comes in handy for those small accidents that may come across your adventurous trip. Include the basics like antiseptic cream, bandages, flue medicines, and other necessary items.

21. Spending on Food

You don’t always have to eat at an expensive restaurant or a café when you’re traveling most of the time. Try to explore those street foods and food markets and just be surprised. This way, you get to experience the different types of cuisine every place has to offer.

22. Gadgets

Gadgets bag

We live in a generation where our trip is never complete without a gadget. I require so many that it easily takes up 1/4 of my bag. Consider using one backpack for all those gadgets you carry and try to take what you use and leave those extra lenses for your camera or any additional items at home.

23. Visitor’s Pass

When you travel, you will come across a famous monument and many other historical or even tourists spots. Not every destination has free entry for tourists. Try to do your research and pre-book your tickets in these situations to avoid those long queues at the ticket counter.

24. Unnecessary packing

We often get excited at times, and we pack three dresses instead of one when you know you wouldn’t need it. Try to avoid these kinds of packing; it can even include your hair products; if you stay at a hotel and You know that the hotel provides those complimentary toiletries, then there is no point you taking up that extra space in your bag for these products, and that’s when it’s a short trip.

25. Have a suitcase lock

Secure your items with a lock. Always have a tiny lock for your luggage and keep those items safe, which you don’t want to lose on that trip.

26. Try to Haggle

When you’re out shopping in markets, and streets try to get a little bit of an idea of the prices, and if you think that you have been asked for more money than what the item costs, Don’t be afraid to haggle.

27. Have a travel Insurance

Healthcare internationally is something that can cost you doubloons. I would suggest you not take that risk where you pay from your pocket if something happens. It is always safe to have yourself covered before you take those international trips.

28. Sightseeing

Always leave your baggage at the place where you stay as you don’t want to carry too many things with you and get uncomfortable while you enjoy those long walks on your holiday. Carry the necessary items: your camera, wallet, jacket, phones, and other handy items.

29. Taking pictures

Try taking a picture of your belongings in the cases where you might misplace your items or lose them. It’s always a good idea to have proof of what belongs to you and sometimes helps you find those items that you’re missing. Also, always ask for local’s permission before you take their pictures; not everyone is okay with this, so make sure you know about the locals a little before you take this step.

30. Solo traveling

Solo travel

It would be best if you travel solo once in your lifetime. The experience is surreal and makes you value those independent decisions you make all by yourself. You would learn a lot when you do things yourself, and you know that those decisions are all made by you, so there is no one to blame except for you. You end up learning and exploring so many valuable skills that you weren’t aware of. Don’t forget to carry those essential needs you need for your solo trip.

31. Inform about your trip

When you travel alone or even if it’s with a group, make sure someone is always informed about where you are and what you’re upto on that trip.

32. Don’t bring work on a holiday

We often get so busy with our work schedule that work sticks with us even on our holidays unless traveling is your job. You don’t have to worry. If it’s so important, try to schedule a time and have it completed within those hours so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip without having to worry about your work.

33. Ask the locals

Even though we do our research, we tend to miss out on few things that the locals are aware of. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for any routes, best places to eat, or even visit. Try to sound confident and polite.

34. Take good rest

We get so excited about a trip that we forget to get those proper naps. Make sure you take that good amount of sleep before you head out for the next day as you don’t want to be tired, exhausted, and mostly not enjoy the things you wanted to do in the first place.

35. Use VPN

When you travel, beware that your identity is not that safe while using public Wi-Fi or a local network for your phones or laptops. Make sure you get a VPN secure network that secures all those data and privacy and makes you invisible to those hackers.


These are some of my travel tips for you, and I hope this post helps you in your travels and reminds you of the do’s, and dont’s when you travel; if you think this can help someone in their travels, don’t hesitate to share.

Travel Safe! 🙂

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