- Paulo Coelho

"if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal."

Sahera Banu

Hi, this is Sahera. This happened in 2019-20 where I started exploring more and more restaurants in my own city Bangalore and exploring many other places. I was never this outgoing but then that year changed everything and I could not stop traveling. I had a journal where I described  my experiences, many thoughts and I usually wondered if I could do something more than that. SO… I’ve finally decided to portray the passion I have for travel, journal and of course for food because, trust me you don’t want to travel without any food.😉 I’m so excited to start this journey where I aim to provide interesting and honest travel opinions, thoughts about these destinations and I cannot wait to share many experiences with you all and I’m hoping these blogs would help you in your adventures too. Sooooo “Let’s Explore, Let’s Trenkingo!!!”

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